The best way to improve your child's SBAC test scores is to have them consistently do their daily homework and participate in their classwork. There is no better method than following the teachers instruction and turning in all class assignments and homework in a prompt manner.

Some Do's and Don'ts

These resources are extremely helpful to get your child scoring at their highest potential.
  1. Do ask the school for guidelines on how to best prepare your child for taking the SBAC test.
  2. Do encourage your child to do their best and have them study on a consistent basis.
  3. Don't have your child cram a lot of studying into the days prior to the test. The way the SBAC test is designed, cramming the last days before the test will not help.  The test is designed to test what the students have learned through their years of education.  
  4. Don't try to search online for a copy of the SBAC test as this is the first year of testing and there will not be any copies or samples of the tests on the Internet.
  5. Don't get scammed by websites trying to get you to buy samples of the tests as there are no samples available.
  6. Do encourage your kids to read more and do more math problems for fun.
  7. Do make homework a fun time for the kids.
  8. Don't make your kids do homework past 10pm.  They should start on their homework right after dinner and shouldn't spend more than 1 to 2 hours on it.  If they are consistently spending more than 2 hours on their homework, speak to the teacher to find out if they are getting too much homework.  Teachers are human beings too and no human being is perfect.  So keep a close eye on this.  We have teachers who like to cram homework up the gazoo on a daily basis.
  9. Do make sure the kids get a good 10 hour sleep before the day of their SBAC testing.
  10. Do make sure the kids have a hearty breakfast before the day of their SBAC testing.
  11. Don't panic!!  It's just a test and there will be many more.  It's the first year of SBAC testing so you're in the same boat as everyone else.  

What to do after the tests

  1. Talk to your child and ask them how they felt they did on the SBAC test.
  2. Setup a time to discuss the test with the teacher.
  3. Celebrate with your child as this is the biggest test for them during their school year.